Consult the Tide Times : Tides Mont St Michel & St Malo Risk of temporary submersion of the access road from a height of 12.95 meters. In order to observe the phenomenon of the rising tide at Mont Saint-Michel, it is necessary to be present 2 hours before the indicated times. 

Excellent site for your activities and visits :

Live weather : Rain radar (H-15 minutes)

Beach weather : Saint Malo

Bakery : Fournil de la Baie (itinerary)

Bar - Tobacco store : Grocery store - Bread store - Press (itinerary)

Pharmacy : Pharmacie des Polders (itinerary)

Doctor : Pintiaux Pascal (itinerary)

Supermarket : Carrefour market (itinerary)

Restaurant St Broladre : Le Point G 2.5km-3mn (itinerary)

Restaurant Cherrueix : L'Abri des Grèves 7.6km-15mn (itinerary)

Restaurant Hirel : La Chaumière d'Hirel 13.7km-16mn (itinerary)

Restaurant St Malo : Le Bistrot du Rocher