Booking terms and conditions

Arrivals are at the above times or by appointment only at the agreed time the day before your arrival, according to my possibilities.

Please note that beds are made, the towels are included but do not forget shower gel, soap or shampoo which are not included

We reserve the right to pre-authorize your card prior to arrival. No amount is debited from your account. Your order can be canceled automatically if your card is declined by your bank or if your account is not provisioned. In case of refusal from your bank and without new bank details within 24 hours, in response to our mail, or SMS, or phone call, signifying the refusal, your reservation will be canceled.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS   ( Unofficial translation Refer to the French CGU)

Paragraph 2 of Article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code expressly excludes from the right of withdrawal the distance selling of services of accommodation, transport, recreation restorations which must be provided to a date or according to a specified periodicity. Therefore, a person who remotely reserves a vacation rental, a vacation rental or a package holiday has no withdrawal period to cancel the booking, regardless of whether the booking is made by mail, telephone or Internet.

- The tenant can not under any circumstances invoke any right to maintain the premises at the expiry of the rental period initially provided for on this contract, unless agreed by the owner. The owner agrees not to disclose to any third party any information whatsoever, on any medium whatsoever, that the tenant has been brought to give him on the occasion of the execution of this contract. These latter provisions, however, are not applicable to requests for information made by administrations and / or the Courts.


-For reservations via Email and phones:

-The reservation will become effective when the customer has paid a deposit and returned the rental agreement signed. The balance of the rental will be paid on the day of arrival.

You can pay your deposit by bank transfer (ask us our IBAN by mail), by check (for French customers only), or holiday checks if your date of arrival is at least 15 days from the date of reservation, below we do not accept checks and transfers for reasons of postal delays. You will then be able to leave us, by telephone, your CB number with expiry date and the CVC. The transaction with the credit card is done directly with my bank via a terminal (BNP PARIBAS Saint Malo) and not via the Internet.

For bookings on our website with credit card:

- We do not charge your credit card (unless canceled, read the cancellation policy for the booking deposit), but we reserve the right to pre-authorize your card before your arrival.

For good gifts with or without fixed dates:

- The reservation will become effective once the client has paid the total amount of the rental and returned the signed rental agreement. No refund will be granted, only a postponement of stay may be considered.


- The tenant will enjoy the rental in a peaceful way and make good use of it, according to the destination of the place. Any repairs of whatever importance, made necessary by the negligence of the tenant during the hiring will be with his load. The rental can not in any case benefit third parties, unless prior agreement of the owner.

-The sublease is prohibited to the lessee, under any pretext whatsoever, even for free, under penalty of termination of contract. The full amount of rent remaining acquired or due to the owner. Rented premises are used for temporary housing or holidays, excluding any professional activity, commercial or craft of any nature whatsoever, or even complementary or occasional nature of the dwelling (maximum 3 months). The installation of tents or the parking of caravans on the land of the rented property is prohibited.

- The owner will provide the accommodation as described and will keep it serviceable.


- the number of tenants can not be greater than the maximum capacity indicated on the catalog or the description. Exceptionally and subject to the agreement of the owner, it may be derogated from this rule.


- Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Termination at the initiative of the tenant:

- Any cancellation on the initiative of the tenant must be addressed to the owner by registered mail to the address indicated on the site, the date of receipt by the owner being authentic.

In case of cancellation or modification by the tenant within less than 3 days before arrival for the apartment booking:

-For reservations by email or phone: the deposit remains with the owner. The tenant will have to pay the whole stay if the owner could not re-let the apartment for the same period and under the same conditions.

- For reservations via our website: The tenant will see his credit card debited 25% of the total amount of the rental. If the owner has not been able to re-rent the apartment for the same period and under the same conditions, the tenant will see his credit card charged the total amount of the rental.

In case of cancellation or modification by the renter within a period of more than 3 days before the date of arrival:

-For reservations by email or phone: the deposit remains with the owner. We can (subject to availability, the same number of days or higher, the same amount or higher) offer you a postponement of stay.

-For reservations via our website: the tenant will not be charge. We can (subject to availability, the same number of days or higher, the same amount or higher) offer you a postponement of stay.

Any reservation is maintained until 20h. If the tenant has not appeared the day mentioned on the contract and passed this period and without notice of the owner, the present contract is considered as canceled, the deposit remains acquired and the tenant will have to pay the whole stay to the owner . The owner can dispose of his rent.

In case of early termination of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the owner is not called into question, there will be no refund, except the deposit if no damage has been found.

After the entry in the places: When the cancellation of the contract by the owner intervenes during the duration of the hiring, it must be duly justified (failure of payment of the rent, check without provision issued by the tenant, proven deterioration of the rented places, complaints from the neighborhood, ...). This termination leads to the departure of the tenant the same day. The owner reserves the right to keep the amount of the deposit in the conditions specified in the paragraph "deposit (or guarantee)". Whatever the cause of the termination, the full amount of the rent remains with the owner.

Termination at the initiative of the owner:

When before the beginning of the stay, the owner cancels the stay, he must inform the tenant as soon as possible by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and / or by any other means of communication.

The tenant will be refunded immediately and without penalties of the sums paid. The tenant will also receive compensation at least equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation had been made by him on that date.

These provisions do not apply when an amicable agreement is concluded for the acceptance by the tenant of a substitute stay proposed by the owner.


The tenant is responsible for all damages arising from his act. he is required to be insured by an insurance policy covering the different risks.


For all disputes that arise from the execution or interruption of these conditions, only the Courts of the jurisdiction of the location of the building object of the lease are competent.