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Mont St Michel

The « Wonder of the Western World ». Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mont-Saint-Michel and its abbey is a natural and architectural marvel, in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe.

St Malo

The Corsair City

is known for its walled city, its numerous reefs and for its fortified islets from the 17th and 18th centuries. The defensive walls are undoubtedly the first attraction. They completely surround the city and the castle.

The other attraction nearby:
the “Fort National”, the “Petit Bé” and the Chateaubriand tomb on the island of Grand Bé are accessible at low tide. The Solidor tower on the city of Aleth with the old cathedral and its Gallo Roman walls and The Digue de Rochebonne, bordered by many villas from the XIXth century, and the Sillon beach, 3 km


Clinging to the hillside, perched above the Rance, the medieval town of Dinan is arguably one of the most charming and architecturally rich towns in Brittany, standing proudly on its crown of ramparts with fourteen towers, four monumental gates and a huge dungeon. The town of Dinan will seduce you with its old cobbled streets lined with timber-framed houses, wooden porches, Romanesque and gothic churches.The town and viaduct look down on Dinan’s own picturesque port which is the northern gateway to Brittany’s canal system


Mention Cancale to a French... The instant response is ‘oysters’

Located at the western end of the bay of Mont Saint Michel, Cancale was once famous for its new world cod fishermen, although nowadays it better known for its oyster-beds. The port was once home to a fleet of traditional, fishing boats known as "bisquines" and is now lined with numerous seafood restaurants whilst the town above plays host to a traditional market every Sunday. The coast road from Cancale to Saint Malo is truly stunning and includes some of the finest beaches in North Brittany. Nearby The Point du Grouin is the start point for the legendary Route de Rhum yacht race which takes place every four years.

Pointe du Hoc

During World War II, it was the highest point between Utah Beach to the west and Omaha Beach to the east. The German army fortified the area with concrete casements and gun pits. On D-Day (6 June 1944) the United States Army Ranger Assault Group assaulted and captured Pointe du Hoc after scaling the cliffs.

Omaha beach

Normandy American Cemetery

Located on the coast, between Arromanches and Grandcamp Maisy, this vast 70 hectare site overlooks Omaha beach. It reunites the graves of 9,387 soldiers fallen in combat. The chapel, Memorial and the Walls of the Missing and garden complete the site. The Visitor Center pays homage to the courage and the skill that were required to conduct Operation Overlord and to ensure Europe's liberation, together with the utlimate sacrifice made by those who are laid to rest within this site.


is remembered as a historic place of the Normandy landings and in particular as the place where an artificial port was installed. THE MULBERRIES, ARROMANCHES The principle of the Mulberries, or artificial harbours, was to land vehicles and supplies very rapidly by using quays protected by a line of concrete caissons, until such time as the continental ports were captured. In 100 days, 220,000 soldiers, 530,000 tonnes of supplies and 39,000 vehicles were landed at “Port Winston”. This was of crucial importance because Allied troops needed all their means of combat to fend off a German counterattack.

Historic sites and monuments

The mausoleum of Mont d'Huisnes

Unique German mausoleum in France. This round building with two floors has a diameter of 47 m. The two floors are connected by four stairs. From the inside, you can see an open gallery on the ground floor and on the upper floor. 11,956 soldiers who died during the Second World War rest there, civilians, as well as 69 children and newborns. It offers a magnificent panorama of Mont Saint-Michel.


Tides tables Mont St Michel & St Malo Risk of temporary flooding of the access road from a height of 12.95 meters. In order to observe the phenomenon of the rising tide at Mont Saint-Michel, you must be present 2 hours before the times indicated.

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Bakery : Fournil de la Baie (road)

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Pharmacy : Pharmacie des Polders (itinéraire)

Doctor : Pintiaux Pascal (itinéraire)

Supermarket : Carrefour market (itinéraire)

Restaurant St Broladre :  Le Point G  2.5km-3mn   (itinéraire)

Restaurant Cherrueix : L’Abri des Grèves 7.6km-15mn  (Itinéraire)

Restaurant Hirel : La Chaumière d’Hirel   13.7km-16mn   (itinéraire)

Restaurant St Malo : Le Bistrot du Roche