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Studio Apartment 35m² Cottage (2 p.)
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Holiday Cottage Mont Saint MichelOur Studio, your next holiday cottage, is ideal for a couple visiting mont St Michel is 35m² space with opened fiited kitchen - lounge, large bed (160x200cm), and private bathroom with WC.

  • Bed 160x200 cm
  • Fitted kitchen
  • 35m²
  • Private bathroom
  • Shower - Bathtub
  • Free parking
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Duplex Apartment 55m² (2/4 p.)
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holiday accommodation Mont Saint MichelOur holiday accommodation Mont-Saint-Michel is a 55m² furnished apartment ideal for a couple but can accommodate two more people in the sofa bed.

  • Bed 200x200cm
  • Fitted kitchen
  • 55m²
  • Shower - Bathtub
  • Washer/dryer
  • Free parking
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Our Holiday rental Mont Saint Michel is the best hotel alternative. Ideal for 4 people in 2 separate bedrooms. Fully equiped with opened fitted kitchen lounge (sofa +2pers), private bathroom and 2 wc.
Apartment 2 Bedrooms 65m² (4/6 p.)
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Holiday rental Mont Saint MichelOur Holiday rental Mont Saint Michel is the best hotel alternative. Ideal for 4 people in 2 separate bedrooms. Fully equiped with opened fitted kitchen lounge (sofa +2pers), private bathroom and 2 WC.

  • 2 bedrooms
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • 65 m²
  • 2 wc
  • Shower - Bathtub
  • Washer
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– Surrounding –

A “must visit” is the world-famous Mont Saint Michel less than 10miles (15 Km) from Ferme Saint Christophe.  Resembling a real-life fairy castle, it lies at the estuary of the River Couesnon, which separates Normandy and Brittany.

Strategic fortifications have existed on the mount since ancient times and from the 8th century it became a monastery.  The Mount itself resembles the feudal society that constructed it, with God at the top, the Abbey and Monastery below, followed by the great hall, the shops and houses, finally leading down to the fishermen’s and farmers’ cottages at the bottom, outside the walls.

Mont Saint Michel’s unique location just under half a mile from land was easily accessible to the pilgrims who visited its abbey.  This natural moat facilitated its defence as incoming tides stranded, drove off or drowned would-be assailants.  By capitalising on these natural defences, Mont Saint Michel remained unconquered during the Hundred Years’ War with a small garrison successfully defending it against a full attack by the English in 1433.  The advantages of these natural features were then reversed when Louis XI turned Mont Saint Michel into a prison.

Mont Saint Michel is now one of France’s most recognisable and visited landmarks.  The mount and its bay are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mont Saint Michel is just 15min from Ferme Saint Christophe.

Ferme Saint Christophe – Mont Saint Michel : (route/way)

Tides tables 

Acces Tickets (Priority entrance, Don’t wait in line)

Reduced price

The entrance is free for:

  • Children under 18 (except school group)
  • EU citizens (18-25)
  • Disabled people
  • Unemployed people (proof required)
  • The monument is free on the Saturdays and Sundays of the “European Heritage Days” which are organised on the 3rd weekend of September
  • the 1st Sunday of the month (from 1 January to 31 March and from 1 November to 31 December).
What’s included
  • Priority entrance ticket
What’s not included
  • Guide
What to remember
  • Cancellation policy: no refund, no exchange
  • Last admission 30 minutes before closing
  • The ticket gives access to an unguided tour of the monument
  • The Centre des monuments nationaux is strictly applying the security measures decided by the french authorities
  • Luggages and big items exceeding 55cm*35cm*20cm will not be accepted

Open every day
9.00am – 6.00pm
L’Abbaye, 50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France
Present your ticket at the entrance of Mont Saint Michel Abbaye.


Holiday cottage and rental Mont-Saint-Michel in St Marcan (5 mi)

StMALO01-IMG_4127_1 Saint Malo, a coastal town famous for its walled city and its rich maritime history, is one of the most visited cities of Brittany. Access by sea is protected by numerous reefs, which made it the perfect town for privateers or “corsaires” as they are known in French. These were essentially Pirates who worked for the king. Replica ships can often be seen in port such as L’Etoile du Roi (The king’s Star).  A stroll around the ramparts offers stunning views over the Rance estuary, across to Dinard and the numerous islands and islets many of which were fortified in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. StMALO02-IMG_4132_1 Nowadays visitors can enjoy exploring the cobbled streets of the walled town, filled with shops, bars and restaurants.  The castle has now become the town hall and its keep houses the city’s history museum and surrounding area. Saint Malo boasts some beautiful sandy beaches and the promenade offers the chance to enjoy the views of this unique town. The 14th Century Solidor Tower guards the Rance estuary and Saint Servan a short walk for the walled town, offers a wonderful array of shops. Other points of interest are: the National Fort, accessible at low tide, as well as Fort Petit Bé and Chateaubriand’s grave on Grand Bé Island. Saint Malo is only 30 km from Ferme Saint Christophe

Ferme Saint Christophe – Saint Malo (road by the coast) : (route/way)

Ferme Saint Christophe – Saint Malo (faster) : (route/way)

Citée D’Aleth : On foot

Le Sillon : Nice walk

Old Town’s wall : Stroll

Le Bistrot du Rocher “restaurant”

Holiday cottage and rental Mont-Saint-Michel










DINAN01-IMG_3519 Clinging to the hillside, perched above the Rance, the medieval town of Dinan is arguably one of the most charming and architecturally rich towns in Brittany, standing proudly on its crown of ramparts with fourteen towers, four monumental gates and a huge dungeon. DINAN02-IMG_3530 The town of Dinan will seduce you with its old cobbled streets lined with timber-framed houses, wooden porches, Romanesque and gothic churches.  The town and viaduct look down on Dinan’s own picturesque port which is the northern gateway to Brittany’s canal system. Dinan is just 20 min away from Ferme Saint Christophe Ferme Saint Christophe –

Dinan : (route/way)


Holiday cottage and rental Mont-Saint-Michel

CANCALE01-st suilac_1Located lat the western end of the bay of Mont Saint Michel, Cancale was once famous for its new world cod fishermen, although nowadays it better known for its oyster-beds. CANCALE02-IMG_3993The port was once home to a fleet of traditional, fishing boats known as “bisquines” and is now lined with numerous seafood restaurants whilst the town above plays host to a traditional market every Sunday. The coast road from Cancale to Saint Malo is truly stunning and includes some of the finest beaches in North Brittany.  Nearby Grouin point (Pointe du Grouin) is the start point for the legendary Route de Rhum yacht race which takes place every four years. Cancale is just at 20 min away from Ferme Saint Christophe. Ferme Saint Christophe –

Cancale : (route/way)

and don’t forget close by :
Pointe du Grouin (route/way)


Holiday cottage and rental Mont-Saint-Michel

Pointe du Hoc : (route/way) During World War II it was the highest point between Utah Beach to the west and Omaha Beach to the east. The German army fortified the area with concrete casements and gun pits. On D-Day (6 June 1944) the United States Army Ranger Assault Group assaulted and captured Pointe du Hoc after scaling the cliffs.

American cemetery in Normandy : (route/way) Located on the coast, between Arromanches and Grandcamp Maisy, this vast 70 hectare site overlooks Omaha beach. It reunites the graves of 9,387 soldiers fallen in combat. The chapel, Memorial and the Walls of the Missing and garden complete the site. The Visitor Center pays homage to the courage and the skill that were required to conduct Operation Overlord and to ensure Europe’s liberation, together with the utlimate sacrifice made by those who are laid to rest within this site.

Arromanches : (route/way) Arromanches is remembered as a historic place of the Normandy landings and in particular as the place where an artificial port was installed. This artificial port allowed the disembarkation of 9,000 tons of material per day. It was on the beach of Arromanches that, during the Invasion of Normandy immediately after D-Day, the Allies established an artificial temporary harbour to allow the unloading of heavy equipment without waiting for the conquest of deep water ports such as Le Havre or Cherbourg. Although at the centre of the Gold Beach landing zone, Arromanches was spared the brunt of the fighting on D-Day so the installation and operation of the port could proceed as quickly as possible without damaging the beach and destroying surrounding lines of communication. The port was commissioned on 14 June 1944.

German cemetery HUISNES-SUR-MER : (route/way) Unique German mausoleum in France. This round building with two floors has a diameter of 47 m. The two floors are connected by four stairs. 11 956 tombs.   Holiday cottage and rental Mont-Saint-Michel

Tides tables   Mont St Michel – St Malo

Radar rainfall   Live (H-15mn)

Coastal   Forecast

Artisanal bakery : Le Fournil de la Baie (route)

Bar -Tobacco :Library Press – Grocery – Bread (route)

Pharmacy / Drugstore : Pharmacie des Polders (route)

Family Doctor : Mr Pascal Pintiaux (route)

Supermarket : Carrefour Market (route)

St Broladre :  Restaurant Le Point G  2.5km-3mn   (route)

Cherrueix : Restaurant L’Abri des Grèves 7.6km-15mn  (route)

Hirel : La Chaumière d’Hirel   13.7km-16mn   (route)

Holiday cottage and rental Mont-Saint-Michel

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